Why Comments?

Nozbe is all about improving communication and making collaboration more productive. The core idea behind our app is task-based communication. So, if you want to assign a task to someone, give your opinion, or ask them for feedback, there’s no easier way but through comments.

This way, you can center your team’s communication around tasks. This is how we work at Nozbe. We don’t send emails to one another, we communicate through tasks and comments, and we share projects.

How to Add a New Comment?

You can comment on any task. Even if you’re working all by yourself, it’s a great way to add additional information to a task.

Open a task and tap on the “Add your comment” window to add a comment. You can add text, checklists, lists (bullet or numbered), and files.

Different Types of Comments

There are different types of comments:

  1. Go to: in your comment you can put a link to other places in the app like Calendar, Incoming, Priority etc.
  1. Checklist

  2. List with bullet points

  3. Numbered list

  4. Attachment: you can add different files as attachments to your comments. You can also drag and drop the file directly into the comment.

You can browse also previewable attachments right from the preview.

To do that you can press < or > arrows around Download button or press left and right arrow keys.

There is also a new additional “Grid” view of all attachments in the comment, accessible by pressing the button in the top right corner.

  1. Expand the view: for longer comments, you can expand the view

You also add a hyperlink with a telephone number. Just remember to write the numbers together, so it should be tel:123456789 instead of 123-456-789.

Editing or Deleting Comments

When you wish to edit or delete one of your comments, tap on the three dots next to your name.


You can pin, edit, copy to clipboard, or delete the comment in this view.

Pinned comments

Pinned comments remain where they were, but become orange and more visible between other comments. You can pin more than one comment and you can also filter your comments by pinned comments only. This is very useful if you only want to see the most important information that you had previously pinned.

Pinned Comments

Here you can watch a short video about this feature:

Don’t worry if you open one of your old comments, start editing it and then accidentally switch to another view without saving the changes. We have you covered with the autosave function. Just go back to the task, and open the edit mode again. You will see your last changes. You can either cancel or save them.

You can also display only pinned comments by clicking on this icon in the top right corner of the task details list:

Pinned Comments

Adding Markdown Links in Comments

You can use Markdown syntax to edit the links in your comments. It is easy, as you can see in our example below:

[text goes here](link goes here)

So, if you want to add a link to Nozbe, you can add:

I like to use [Nozbe](www.nozbe.com)

The comment will look like this:

add a hyperlink

You can also use your favourite Markdown to format the text style like:

Note that formatting is not allowed in the middle of the word.


In Nozbe, you don’t always have to write a reply to your team member’s comment. Instead, you can add a reaction to it!

To do so, tap on the three dots and choose one of the available reactions:

comments reactions

Once you add a reaction, you can always remove it. If you want to do so, tap on its icon, and it will disappear.

You can also check who added the reaction. To do so, mouse over the reaction icon, and you will see the usernames.

How can I mention someone in a comment

Here’s how mentioning works: when you add a @mention in a comment to a task, that person will receive a push notification about your mention in that task. The task will also appear in that user’s Incoming view.

To mention someone, type in that person’s name preceded with a “@” sign (e.g., @John, @Ann) in a comment to a task and choose the person you want to mention from the suggestion list that appears.

comment mentions

Once you start typing, you will see the suggested nicknames. You don’t have to type the whole username after @ symbol. Just tap on Enter or click the mouse button to choose the one you want. Once you add the comment, you will see that the mention is blue. If someone else mentions you, it will be displayed in orange.

You can also mention a group of team members. You can do that either by mentioning every other team member following the project by typing @following or every team member with access to the said project by typing @all. They will also see that group mention in their Incoming view.

If you’re a Nozbe Premium user, you can also create custom groups within your Team that you can mention in the comments. Read more about Grouping Team Members