Project templates

Why should I use templates?

Project templates are a great tool to manage assignments that require always completing the same set of tasks, for example introducing a new member into your company. Thanks to it, it’s not necessary to keep all procedures in your head and you don’t have to worry that you accidentally skip a crucial step in the process.

In your template, you can edit tasks and delegate them to your team. Once you create a project, all the parameters and delegations will be transferred.

How can I create a new template

There two ways of creating new templates.

From scratch: open the list of your templates and tap at the + above:

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Once you’ve set up all paramters, tap Create.

From an existing project: create a template from an already existing project. To do this, open the project’s setting, tap on Clone and toggle Create a template button:

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Tap Create when you’re ready setting up template’s parameters.

Please note that only pinned comments are added to the template created from an existing project.

How to create a project from template

While creating a new project, tap From template option:

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In the drop-down menu you will see a list of all templates. Choose one and confirm.

You can also enter a template to set up a new project directly from it:

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In both cases, only pinned comments are included in the project created out of a template.