What is a Space?

A space is a virtual place that you populate with projects and work on them - alone or in a group.

Usually, you want to create a space for your company, department, or a team. Once you set up a space, you want to invite everyone you work with to be a part of this space to share projects, add tasks, and get things done together.

How to Set Up a New Space

It’s very easy. Go to our Nozbe website and tap on the “Sign up for free” button. Type in your email address and confirm. After email verification, you will be able to set up a password to your account and upload your avatar.

The app will ask you whether you want to use Nozbe for work or for personal use. To work with other people, select “For work”.

Once done, provide a name for your space. You can also upload your space’s avatar. In the next step, you can invite people to your new space.

If, when choosing the app’s purpose, you select “Personal use”, you’ll still be able to create a space at any time by inviting other people to your space.

You can also use the “Sign in with Google” or “Sign in with Apple” options to create an account using your Google account or Apple ID.

How to Invite New Space Members?

Once you create a space, you become its owner. As a space owner, you can invite new users to join your space in Nozbe. There are three ways to do that.

Inviting space members via email

To add a person to your space, go to the “Space members” section in the main menu, then hit the “+” icon. Enter the email address and tap on “Invite”. This person will receive an email invitation to your space.

Invitation via email

You can also generate a unique invite link and send it to the people you want to invite.

To do this, you need to activate inviting space members via code first. Go to the “Space members” section in the app’s main panel, then hit the “+” icon. In the “By link” tab, choose “Generate code”. The link will be automatically copied.

Invitation via code

You can now send the link to the people you want to invite.

Please note that if a new space member used a code to join your space, you have to confirm their invitation status in your app. You can find all pending invitations in the app’s main panel.

Pending invite

You can disable the code at any time by choosing space members from the app’s main panel > “+” icon > By link > “Deactivate code” button.

Inviting space members when setting up your space

You can also invite other space members when setting up your space. If you chose to use Nozbe for work, you’ll be able to invite your space members using their email addresses in one of the steps.

Inviting new members

If you add new space members on your mobile phone, you can select contacts directly from your address book.

What happens when you invite someone to your space?

If the people you invited don’t have accounts in Nozbe yet, they can sign up to create a new account and join the space using the invitation link from the email they received or using the link with code you sent to them.

If they do have accounts in Nozbe already, they can:

New users will automatically have access to all space projects, with the exception of limited access projects.

Please remember that the invitation expires after seven days.

How to Remove a Person from a Space?

You can always remove someone from your space.

Go to the “Space members” view, choose the person by clicking their name, and then get to their details using the three dots visible next to their name. You will see a “Remove from space” option there. In the next window, tap on “Remove” to confirm your choice.

Remove from the space

What happens when you remove someone from your space?

A user that is removed from a space, but belongs to another space, will lose an access to the whole space he was removed from, including the private projects he had in that space. However, it won’t have any influence on projects the user shares in other spaces.

If the user doesn’t belong to any other space, he will also lose access to the whole space, including the private projects. However, as a result, a new (empty) Free space will be created for them. This way, the removed user can sign in and join other spaces.

All comments added by the removed user will remain in your projects. Those comments will be marked with gray dot next to that person’s avatar, indicating that the author of that comment has been removed from the space.

Comment added by person who's been removed from a space

All active tasks delegated to that person will also remain in your projects, but the responsibility for them will now be set to “Anyone”. All completed tasks will stay unchanged.

All projects created by a removed user will also be preserved. If that person was a project manager, and they assigned an additional project manager before being removed from the space, the additional project manager will keep the rights to manage that project. If no additional project manager was assigned, one of the project members can take on that role. To do so, hit the “…” next to a project’s name -> Manage -> Members -> “Become project manager” button.

Becoming a project manager

Please note that you won’t have access to a removed person’s private projects.

How to Manage Your Space Members?

In the “Space members” section, choose a person, and open their details. There, you’ll see various options:

User's Option Menu
  1. Promote to admin (or Remove admin status) - you see here the current role of this person in your space, and you can promote the selected user to an additional space admin or demote the space admin to a space user again

  2. Remove from space - you can remove somebody from your space.

  3. Groups - check which groups the user belongs to

  4. Favorite - mark the user as your favorite space member. Once you do it, the user will be displayed in the “Favorites” section in the left panel

  5. Show all completed - you can view all the tasks completed by that person

  6. Select tasks - you can select a few tasks at once and add some changes to them

  7. Copy task list link - you can copy a link to that user’s task list

  8. Export to CSV - export the user’s task list to a CSV file

If the user hasn’t activated the account yet, you can additionally set their name and description. That way, other space members know who they are even before joining the space.

💡 Hint: you can also check the statistics of your space member by tapping the number of tasks displayed next to the person’s name. The app will show you the number of tasks delegated to them, as well as the amount of time needed and time spent set for their tasks.

Displaying statistics

Remember that you won’t see a person’s statistics for their private projects and tasks, as well as projects and tasks to which you don’t have access.

What Can Space Owner and Admins Do?

Space owner and space admins are unique space roles that have special privileges.

Space owner

Space owner is a person who creates a space and invites other people to it.

Only space owner can:

Space owner also has the same privileges as space admins.

Space admin

Space owner can promote chosen space members to space admins.

Space admins can:

Space admins cannot remove the space owner from a space, or transfer the space ownership to different person. However, if a space owner leaves the space, a space admin will automatically become the new space owner.

Grouping Space Members

As a space owner or admin, you can also manage your space members and divide them into various groups. It is a valuable feature that helps you manage your space. Please note that such groups are public, and creating a private group of space members isn’t possible.

If you want to create a new group, open the “Space members” section in the left panel. Now tap on the “Groups” button -> “Create new group.” You need to type the group’s name in the new window and select the members you want to add. All is left to do is click on the “Create” button.

Grouping members

Even if the group is created, you can always change its members, rename it or delete it when you don’t need it anymore.

Hint: when you have a group of space members, you can mention it in the comment. That way, every member of that group will receive a notification. That’s useful, isn’t it?

Space group mention

One member can belong to several groups. So you can create any group you need and add your space members accordingly.

Space’s Settings

In the gear icon menu you will find an option to manage the current space’s settings.

Space's Settings

As the space’s owner, you can make the following changes here:

If you are a space member, you’ll have access to the following options:

Multiple spaces

In Nozbe, you can own or join more than one space. You can cooperate with various companies, work with another organization or an agency, or need a distinct space for your personal and family stuff. Having more than one space helps you organize your work better and separate your work from personal commitments.

How to Create Another Space

Hit the “Manage” button located under your current space avatar on the left side. Here, you can choose either to create a new space or join an existing one. You can also create a Personal Space. Once you make a decision, follow the simple instructions.

Note that your request to join another space needs to be accepted by its owner or admin.

Create another space

How Many Spaces Can You Have?

You can have one free space. If you want to create another one, it will be automatically changed to a trial one valid for seven days. Once the trial expires, you will have to decide whether to purchase a Premium plan or remove one of your spaces. If you don’t do that, the synchronization will be stopped and you won’t be able to access the expired space.

You can have as many Premium spaces as you need, but remember that every space means a separate subscription. However, if you choose the Nozbe Business plan, you can create an unlimited number of spaces and only pay one unified price for the overall number of users!

You can also join as many spaces as you want. It doesn’t matter if they are free or Premium.

How to Remove a Space

If you want to leave one of your spaces, go to the “Space members”/“Members” view and tap your name. Now tap the three dots button next to your name and choose “Leave space”:

Leaving a space

You can also leave a space as its member by hitting the gear icon -> Space settings -> “Leave space” tab. Hit the “Leave space” button and confirm your choice by typing in the space’s name.

Leaving a space

If you are the only member of that space, the space will be removed once you leave it.

Closing Account or Leaving a Space as an Owner

Leaving a space as its owner will transfer the ownership to the space admin or any space member if there are no admins.

Removing a Space

If you are a space owner, you can permanently remove it and all data related to it. Use this option carefully!

To remove a space, hit the gear icon -> Space settings -> “Remove space” tab and hit the “Remove space” button. Confirm your choice by typing in your space’s name.

Removing space