Email tasks

How to Start Emailing Tasks to Nozbe?

One of the most valuable features is to email tasks and attachments to Nozbe. All you need to do is activate this option.

To do so, open the Settings window, and tap on “Add tasks via email” option. It will be instantly activated, and you will see your automatically generated email address. You can copy it to the clipboard.

Activate Mailing to Nozbe

To send the first task, you need to go to your email client. Open a new message, and paste the copied address.

The email’s subject line will be your task name. The text you add in the body of the email will become your task’s comment. All the email attachments will be added to the comment as well.

If you don’t want to forward the whole email, use ~~ or –. Nozbe will ignore the remaining part of the message, and it won’t be visible in the newly created task.

How to Send Your Task to a Specific Project?

If you don’t add the specific destination, your email will appear in your Single Tasks and Incoming views.

If you want to send a task to a specific project, you need to go to that project, open its menu, and choose the “Add task via email” option.

That’s it! You get the email address you have to use to send your tasks to that project.

Send your task to a specific project

How to Send your Task to a Specific Section in a Project?

It’s very easy, and it works the same way as sending a task to a chosen project.

Just tap on the section menu and choose as before, “Add tasks via email” to generate a unique email address.

Send your task to a specific section

Use hashtags to set parameters

You can use hashtags to specify the parameters of a newly created task. Type # and a parameter right after it in the email subject.

The list of available hashtags:

Do you want to set up an exact date, e.g., a day or an hour? Here you will find a few examples of how to do this:

The order of hashtags is not important.

You don’t have to write the whole project/section/tag/user name. The system will recognize the correct parameter if you type the first three letters. Of course, the name has to be unique so that the system can distinguish it.

Trick: How to Add Your Task to the Bottom of the list?

If you want to add your task to the bottom of the list, you can easily do it.

First, you need to generate an email address for your section or project. Then, you add .down just before @ sign.

For example, if your address is ahjxah.rv5hfm@nozbe.email, it will look like this:


Trick: How to Add Your Task as a Priority?

It’s a helpful trick if you need to add a task to your Priority.

Just add ! in the first line of your email body, and that’s it! Your task will appear as your Priority.

Add your task to priorities