What are messages

Messages are a new and easy way of communicating with the members of your space in Nozbe.

You can now chat to a space member one-on-one via direct messages. Ask a quick question or discuss things not related to any project directly within your Nozbe app, without having to create a new task or use a separate chat app.

Thanks to this feature, you’ll say goodbye to switching apps. Messages make Nozbe your team’s action and communication app.

How to send a message

To send a message to someone, navigate to your app’s sidebar and go to the “Messages” view. Here, you’ll see the list of all your conversations.

Hit the “+” button in the bottom-right corner to start a new conversation.

Sending a message

Pick a person you want to chat with, then type in your first message. Once it’s typed in, hit the “Send” button to send it.

The person you send the message to will receive a notification about your message (if they have those notifications enabled). Also, their “Messages” view button will change its color to green, and they will see the number of unread conversations next to it.

Messages view button with unread conversations

After reading all conversations with new messages, the “Messages” view button will turn back to grey.

Additional message options

In the message box, you can see a few additional options which you can use to enrich your message.

Additional message options

Like with task comments, in messages you can:

  1. Attach content: hit the paperclip icon to add attachments (photos, documents, PDFs) from your device’s drive to the message. If you are using Nozbe on mobile or you enabled the Evernote integration, you can hit the “+” icon here to choose an appropriate type of attachment. You can also drag and drop a file directly into the comment area to attach it.

  2. Mention: this option allows you to mention the chatter in your message.

  3. Task link: in your message, you can include links to tasks. You can also link task lists, such as a project, Calendar, tag, etc.

  4. Checklist

  5. Bulleted list

  6. Numbered list

  7. Toggle focus mode: to type in longer messages, you can expand the view using this option.

You can combine multiple elements in one message. This means that you can add e.g. regular text, a checklist, and an attachment in the same message.

Creating tasks from messages

In your conversation, you may come up with an idea for a task. With a few clicks, you can convert a message to a task.

To do this, navigate to that message and hit the “…” icon next to it. Then, select “Create a task from this message”.

Creating a task from a message

A task input bar will open. Type in your task’s name. The content of the original message will be automatically attached to that task as a comment.

You can also set additional parameters for that task in that input bar - project, person responsible, due date, and others. Select appropriate parameters manually or by using hashtags.


To receive notifications about messages, enable them in your account’s settings.

Open the gear icon menu, then go to “Settings” and select the “Notifications” tab.

Adjusting messages notifications

Here, you can manage your notifications settings. You can choose to receive push and/or email notifications about new messages.

No notifications - what to do?

For the push notifications to work, your device needs to be connected to the Internet. Check if your Internet connection is on.

If you don’t receive any notifications, even though you should, please go to your browser’s or device’s Settings and check whether notifications from Nozbe are allowed.