Main Menu

When you tap on the cog icon, you will see the main Nozbe menu.

Settings Overview

Here you can check your current Nozbe plan, how many members and projects you currently have, and the plan’s expiration date. In this section of the menu you can also change or extend your plan.

You will also see the current team’s settings if you have several teams. Tap on it to upload the team’s avatar (or remove it), change the team name, or add the owner’s name:

Team's Settings

Here you will find the settings for your Nozbe account.

Do you want to be up to date with the news about Nozbe? Look no further. When you tap on the News button, you will see the latest posts from our blog delivered directly to your Nozbe app!

This is our import tool. You can import your projects from Nozbe Personal to Nozbe.

When you tap on this option, you will open Nozbe Referral Program. Here you can check your referral link, write your testimonial and check how many credits you currently have.

Under this option, you can check all the keyboard shortcuts available on your current device.

If you want to check shortcuts for other devices or systems, you can do it here.

When you tap on this option and open a new menu, you can:

You can read more about mailing tasks to Nozbe here.

If you want to report a bug or ask us a question, tap on the “Contact” button to send us a message.

Tap on this option to open our Help Page. You can find all the information and hints you need to know about Nozbe.

If you tap on the “Synchronize” button, you will force the sync of your data. Sometimes it can be a handy option.

In the main menu, you also have an option to log out from the Nozbe app. Just tap on the “Log out” button to do it.

Logging out and in will push the sync, and it will also refresh the local data.