Referral Program

Video Introduction

See how you can make money or gain free months of Nozbe Teams and Nozbe Personal by referring friends and other teams to use our apps.


Do you already have an account in Nozbe Teams and enjoying it? Why not considering inviting others to set up their own teams? In Nozbe Teams you can profit from our referral program.

Thanks to the program you will build up your own affiliate commission. For each new customer that purchases Nozbe Teams for a year or a month you get 25% for their payment. From then on you will receive commissions on all payments from this customer for the next 2 years. Your current credit can be used to fund Nozbe Teams account at any time.

Also, all customers that use your referral code and buy for the whole year, will get a 10% bonus which they’ll be able to cash in as additional time for Nozbe Teams.

To use your referral link, go to account settings and tap on Refer a team to Nozbe.

The link should look like that:


Send this link to the people you wish to refer.

Of course, you can customize it and set your nickname at the end:


Purchase for your credits

For every new customer that used your referral link and purchased for a year, you get a 25% commission. Because of that, if you build up enough credits, you can use them to pay for your account.

Here is a good example - if four customers upgrade to Premium for a year with your referral link, you can pay for your account for a year free of charge just cashing in your credit (4 * 25%)!

To pay using your credits, simply open Refer to Nozbe and use Extend your Premium plan:

Please, note that in order to use credits you need to have a free/trial account or Premium subscription bought via web app. If you have a subscription purchased via Apple/Google in-app purchases you will need to switch to our direct online payment method in the Nozbe Teams desktop web application.

Of course, if you do not wish to purchase with your referral points, you can get paid instead. To do that, please contact our Customer Support. In order to receive a pay out, you need to collect at least 100 USD. We issue payouts only via PayPal and commissions from new orders are suspended for 30 days until our refund guarantee expires.