What is Incoming?

Incoming view

Everything that requires your attention is here. You will see new tasks for today, overdue tasks, your active reminders, tasks assigned to you, or tasks in which you were mentioned. Now it’s up to you to decide what to do with them.

Remember - the task will stay in the Incoming view until you decide to review it. Use the orange button on the right side or swipe right on a mobile device to review a single task. You can also check the whole section at once. Just tap on the “Mark as Reviewed” button next to the name of the tasks group.

The task will also be marked as reviewed when you add a comment, change one of its parameters, or change its name. You can reverse this change by tapping the “Undo” button in a bar that shows at the bottom of the screen.

When are Tasks Added to Incoming?

Tasks will show up in your Incoming on different times - depending on their settings or how they were added:

Incoming Sections

Your Incoming is divided into the following sections:

Due Today

You can see all your tasks with the due date set for today. You need to review these things and decide whether you want to do them now or postpone them.


The overdue tasks will appear in this section. If you don’t have any, you won’t see it in your Incoming view.


This section will display all the tasks with the “Reminder” parameter set.

Assigned to You

Tasks that are assigned to you by other users and that are your responsibility. It means that you are responsible for them. You can mark them with a star, change their due date or ignore them.

You were mentioned in

​​Here you can see all the tasks where someone mentioned you.

Recently added

Tasks that were emailed to Nozbe, added using Quick Add, an integration with another app, or a widget.


On mobile apps, you can use gestures to manage your tasks in Incoming. Swipe on the task to the left to go to the project which contains this task. Swipe to the right to mark it as reviewed.