Nozbe Apps

1. Nozbe for your Mac or PC

Nozbe for macOS - click here to download the newest Nozbe version for your Mac. It works on both Apple Silicon and Intel based Macs.

Please note that the beta for macOS is available for devices running MacOS 11 Big Sur and later.

Nozbe Beta for Windows - click here to download the newest Nozbe Beta version for your PC.

Please note Windows app is beta version. Please report any issues at support@nozbe.com

2. Nozbe Mobile Apps

While you can still use a web browser, Nozbe apps are designed to help you get everything done on your smartphone or tablet:

Apple iOS app - get it free for your iPhone or iPad from the App Store

To set up a widget for iOS, download the latest version of app from App Center. Long press on home screen, click (+) and select Nozbe. You can then long press the widget to edit it and select which view you want it to show.

Please, note also that some extensions (eg. a share extension) are only available for users with iOS 14.4 and above.

Android app - get the free Nozbe app for your Android phone

There are two ways to set up a widget on Android.

  1. Long press on home screen. Note that you should press on an empty space, and not on any other app’s icon

From the drop down list choose Widget and then Nozbe.

  1. You can also long press directly on Nozbe’s icon on the home screen.

Once you create the widget you can choose a list you wish to see on it:

3. Nozbe in Your Web Browser

nozbe.app - point your web browser to this address and start getting things done right away.

Works on all modern browsers (Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari on macOS)

Access to beta version

If you are an iOS user, you can subscribe via Testflight to our iOS Nozbe beta testers community.

If you are an Android user, open Google Play on your phone, find Nozbe, scroll down to “Join the beta”, and tap on “Join” to enter our beta testing program there.

As always, we are counting on your feedback! Thanks!