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Nozbe for Windows

Nozbe for Windows

Nozbe for Windows - download the newest version from the Microsoft Store, or click here to download the .exe version for your PC.

To work seamlessly, our Windows app requires Windows 10 or later.

Preferences and appearance

Nozbe will set the app’s language to one that’s determined by your Windows system settings if a translation is available. Otherwise, the app’s language will be set to English. You can change the app’s language by hitting the gear icon→Settings→Language.

Nozbe automatically adjusts the app’s time according to the time zone settings of your device.

The app’s theme will be automatically set to the one that’s applied in your system settings - light or dark. You can manually change the app’s theme by hitting the gear icon→Settings→Appearance→App theme.


When you first log in to the app, the notifications will be enabled by default.

In order for the notifications to work, your device needs to be connected to the Internet.

Turning on notifications on Windows

If you’re not receiving any notifications, they may be disabled in your system settings. To enable them, please do the following:

Types of notifications

You can receive push notifications for tasks that are due, reminders, new mentions, group mentions and assigned tasks.

To change what types of push notifications you’d like to receive, go to Nozbe, then hit the gear icon→Settings→Notifications.

Badge icon

Another type of notification is a badge on the app icon. Nozbe can show you a number of tasks in a chosen view directly on the app’s icon in the taskbar. You can choose what number the app should show: tasks in Incoming, Activity, or Priority. If you have more than one space, you can choose the space from which the number is shown, or select All spaces.

To change the badge’s settings, go to Nozbe, then tap the gear icon → Settings → Notifications → Badge.

Badge on the app icon

Open the app at startup

The Windows app offers an autostart mechanism, thanks to which you can allow Nozbe to open whenever you start your computer.

To enable it, open the gear icon menu ⚙️→Settings→Advanced→turn on the “Open the app at startup” option.

Global Quick Add

The desktop app for Windows also allows you to add tasks to Nozbe from anywhere on your computer thanks to the global shortcut for Quick Add.

Use the global shortcut to open Nozbe with the Quick Add window activated. By default, it is set to Ctrl+Shift+N.

You can change the hotkey for the Global Quick Add by clicking the gear icon→Settings→Advanced→Hotkey for Global Quick Add.

The shortcut requires at least one modifier key in combination with one other key.

In order for the shortcut to work, the Nozbe app must be running in background.

Keyboard shortcuts

You can manage tasks and navigate Nozbe.app using keyboard shortcuts.

To see a full list of available shortcuts inside the app, hit the gear icon in the top-left area of the app, then choose “Help & Contact” and select “Keyboard shortcuts”. You can also open the list of available shortcuts by hitting ctrl+/.