Search and Jump To

You can find Search button at the top of the left menu, next to the name of your team.

You can also trigger search with a keyboard shortcut: ⌘K on macOS/iOS or CTRL + K on Windows/Android

A window with the “Jump to” option appears. Here you can type your search query to quickly jump to the searched view like task, project, tag or any other task list in Nozbe. Once you start typing you will see the list of results. Have you mistyped something? No problem - the mechanism will find relevant results, even if the name is not spelled correctly. You can also narrow down the list of results:

Jump To

Search in completed tasks

If task you are searching for is not on the result list in the Jump To window. Use Search in tasks to search also in completed tasks.

Search in comments

You can also search in comments. Just use Search in comments in Jump To window.

search comments

Search on specific list

In many places in the app where you see a list of something there is probably a search option at top so you can find something on a specific list.

All projects view

search projects

Please note that the project list will be limited to just the ones containing the combination of letters you entered in the search window. If you wish to return to the full list view, delete the phrase or use ‘x’ in the search window.

The search results will show all related projects. Thanks to the icons next to the names of the projects, you will quickly find favorites projects, following projects, and other projects in your search results.

You can also tap on the 3 dots, choose “Show ended” to display archived projects related to your search query.

Task lists

You can also use filter option in task list to search for tasks contains specific characters.

search tasks

Attribute Picker

You can also use the search option in the attribute selector. To do so, open a task, tap on the attribute, and then use the search option (the magnifying glass icon). It will help you find the specific project, tag, section, or person.

Search is available for the following parameters: