Filtering and Sorting in Nozbe

Filtering in Nozbe

Filtering is a handy feature as it helps you manage long tasks lists. You can find it in almost every Nozbe’s view, e.g., Priority, Incoming, Single Tasks, projects, etc.

How to Filter Task List

To turn on a filter, tap on the three horizontal lines in the upper-right corner and choose one of the available filters.

Filtering Options Available in Nozbe

There are many filters you can use. Please note that different views have different active filters:

How to Filter by Multiple Filters

In Nozbe, you can use multiple filters. You can add them one after another very easily:

Multiple Filters

You can remove all filters at once (Filtering option -> Clear) or tap on the close cross next to one of the active filters to remove just the ones you don’t need anymore.

Sorting in Nozbe

Under the list of filters you can find Sort function:

Each sorting option has ascending/descending variant.

There is also a sorting indicator at top of the list, next to filters.