Calendar in Nozbe

Calendar in Nozbe is an intelligent list that shows all your tasks with a due date set, as well as reminders.

Calendar View

You can also filter the Calendar to see tasks of all space members, or tasks of a chosen user.

Using filters in the Calendar view

View the past and the coming months by tapping on the arrows in the top-right corner of the screen. You can also tap “Today” to quickly access the list of tasks scheduled for today.

Viewing different weeks

If you want to focus on tasks from specific days, you can collapse the day you don’t need using an arrow next to that day. You can also hit the “+” icon to add a new task to a chosen day.

Collapsing different days and adding new tasks

You can also drag and drop tasks between different days in the calendar. Dragging a task to a different day will also update its due date.

Dragging and dropping tasks

If you added time attributes to any task that shows up in the calendar, a summary of time needed and time spent for all active tasks scheduled for that day will show up below the day’s header. Also, a summary of time needed and spent for all active tasks in the period displayed in the calendar will appear on the top bar of that view.

Time attributes in the Calendar

Calendar settings

Tap on the three dots to open Calendar settings:

Calendar View

Hide completed / Show all completed: hide or show completed tasks in your Calendar

Show a week / Show the next 30 days: use this option to switch between the weekly and the monthly view in your Calendar:

Calendar View

Select tasks: you can select multiple tasks to edit them at once:

Calendar View

Remember to confirm your changes with the Done button. Otherwise, they won’t be saved!

Calendars: here you can enable the integration with Google Calendar and the integration with Outlook Calendar. Nozbe will create a sub-calendar in the app you integrate with it. All tasks with due dates delegated to you will appear in the integrated sub-calendar. Events added to the sub-calendar with show up in Nozbe as well.

Export to CSV: you can easily export your tasks from Calendar to a convenient CSV file

Future instances of recurring tasks

In the Calendar view, you can also see future instances of recurring tasks. They are greyed out, and are marked with a “⟳” icon.

Future instance of a recurring task

These instances have been added to the calendar ONLY for planning purposes. They are inactive, and you can’t act on them e.g. by changing their due date or checking them off. Their sole reason for existence is to let you know that on a given day you have something planned.

If you’d like to see or edit the original task, open the instance, then hit the “View” button at the bottom.