How to get your Nozbe Teams API key

To generate your API token, open your Nozbe Teams account -> Settings -> API tokens and click “Add new token.”

API Tokens

You can create new token there and name it for example “Nozbe Teams API”. You can generate more tokens to use each token with different integration/app.

Use apikey <API_token> as Authorization header when accessing Nozbe Teams REST API

How to Use interactive API documentation

  1. Go to Nozbe Teams API interactive documentation at https://api4.nozbe.com/v1/api
  2. Select Authorize and provide apikey <API_token>
  1. Start using interactive API documentation by selecting “Try it out” on endpoint and executing requests with Execute.

How to generate API clients with OpenAPI Generator

Nozbe Teams provides an OpenAPI 3.0 document at:


Integration with Nozbe Teams API can be simplified by generating client code using OpenAPI Generator (https://openapi-generator.tech/).

The list of available client generators can be found here:


Exemplary Ruby integration with Nozbe Teams API: 1. Install OpenAPI Generator https://openapi-generator.tech/docs/installation/ 2. Generate client code with (“ruby” can be replaced with another available generator):

openapi-generator-cli generate -i https://api4.nozbe.com/v1/api/openapi.yaml -g ruby -o /tmp/test/
  1. If README.md file was generated, follow instructions from this file to compile and set up client. Make sure to use apikey <API_token> as Authorization header. Generated client methods can now be used to communicate with Nozbe Teams server. Below is an example of using generated Ruby client methods to get Single Tasks project and create a task and a comment.